Just did a quicktest with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and an IR test card. 
BMPCC with firmware 1.4.1, Panasonic 12-35mm and a B+W XS-PRO variable ND (5 stops max)
Test card in sunlight, exposure @800 ASA first with Fstop21 and second test with the ND filter the full 5 stops down =ND1.5. (In reality it is a full stop less on my meters) 

(click to enlarge)

 BM IRtest_noBM IRtest_ND15_

The top row is all synthetic material, the second row is a mix and the bottom row is all natural material. IR pollution would show up as colors shifting from black to magenta in different tones. Usually the top row the most and the bottom row the least.

As a comparison an older test I did with one of the first ARRI Alexa camera's (see the different color of the fleece on the right): 

alexa ir_20100729_1106157649alexa ir_20100729_1410408050

It's clear that the BMPCC has no issue with IR pollution. The downside is a little less good colors / skintones. I think it makes sense to go this way for semi Pro camera's. Adding an IR ND filters set would cost more than the camera and now it is pretty painless shooting with a variable ND filter.

Thanks to Socrates Amsterdam and Camera Rentals (Vincent) for borrowing their equipment.